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What is Waymaker?

Waymaker Roleplay is an upcoming server inspired by the popular mechanics and races of traditional tabletop games, with a unique and original twist that'll strike inspiration into any enthusiastic roleplayer. Our goal is to provide an advanced form of roleplay for those of a higher skill level, encouraging our players to pursue personalised narrative goals and plotlines to affect the world around them, where their choices matter on a grander scale.

We have formulated a customised skill and knowledge system harkening to what you might expect from a game of the fifth edition, with plans to implement further in-game gathering and resource utilisation. Not only do we have handwritten and original lore that will allow you a generous amount of creative freedom when writing your character, but we have premade backgrounds that tie into our historical lore and cultures that give skill set proficiencies!

Waymaker Roleplay has a small yet effective staff team along with a professional programmer who has created personalised plugins just for us! You can expect to see many things from us, including an initiative plugin, where similar to most tabletop games, you will be more than able to keep track of your turn in the combat order.

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Vhyranni by @Joyshake

Waymaker: The Fifth Era

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