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The Martial System is designed to provide a sense of freedom for what players are capable of doing with their weapons and how frequently they may do so. This is complimentary to the D&D style of roleplay Waymaker encourages. This system is designed to allow players to have boosts to the weapons of their discipline as well as a personal choice weapon, as well as allows players to do as they please with their weapons so long as they are (within reason) creative enough and in a position to do so.

Martial Disciplines may only be selected as your character's primary skill.

If you do not have a discipline, you may instead choose a singular type of weapon as one of your secondary skills, which will yield a +3 bonus.


All disciplines permit players buffs to combat rolls made with supported weapons. This applies to both offensive and defensive rolls made with the weapon so long as it is supported by your discipline. The roll commands for a professional are as follows:

  • /roll 1d20+5 for Primary Weapon
  • /roll 1d20+3 for Secondary Weapon
  • /roll 1d20+3 for Personal Weapon
Knight Discipline

For those of more virtuous inclination, the Amyrian founded Knight discipline provides a path for the righteous to do as their moral codes command. There are various types of Knights, each with their own beliefs and skills.

  • +5 with Longsword or Claymore
  • +3 with Shields
  • +3 with Any Weapon of Choice (Can instead be substituted into Shields for a +5)
Ranger Discipline

The wilds call to a great many people in Alm which led to the oldest of Elves founding the Ranger’s Discipline. These are individuals whose path can be just as varied as the wilds in which they roam.

  • +5 with Longbow or Shortbow
  • +3 with Shortsword or Broadsword
  • +3 with Any Weapon of Choice (Can instead be substituted into Shortsword/Broadsword for a +5)
Cutthroat Discipline

In the underground societies of Alm, the Faefolke developed Cutthroat Discipline has long been on the rise. Common pickpockets to more intellectual criminals have taken to practicing with steel as the times become more turbulent.

  • +5 with Dagger or Dirk
  • +3 with Unarmed/Hand-to-Hand
  • +3 with Any Weapon of Choice (Can instead be substituted into Unarmed/Hand-to-Hand for a +5)
Footsoldier Discipline

Of the many militaries in the world, the footsoldier is a seeming constant in them all. Despite its more limited usage on an individual basis, this is one of the world’s most common martial skill sets.

  • +5 with Spear or Halberd
  • +3 with Shortsword or Dagger
  • +3 with Any Weapon of Choice (Can instead be substituted into Shortsword or Dagger for a +5)
Brigand Discipline

The high seas have bred a unique type of fighting style commonly referred to as the Brigand’s Discipline. This style lends itself to those fighting on boats and in similarly associated areas and is favoured among the Val’korei.

  • +5 with Falchion or Cutlass
  • +3 with Saber or Rapier
  • +3 with Any Weapon of Choice (Can instead be substituted into Saber or Rapier for a +5)
Drunkard Discipline

Rather ironically named is the Drunkard’s Discipline which is painfully lacking in any sort of formal training. These skills are mostly learned by the common man or woman who spent too many nights out on the town.

  • +5 with Unarmed or Knuckle Dusters
  • +3 with Improvised Weaponry (Any non-weapon item picked up)
  • +3 with Any Weapon of Choice (Can instead be substituted into Improvised Weaponry for a +5)
Shogun Discipline

The warriors of the Makamura people are feared on the battlefield with good reason. Their blades are an oddity when compared to those carried by the rest of the world.

  • +5 with Changdao or Odachi
  • +3 with Liuyedao or Wakizashi
  • +3 with Any Weapon of Choice (Can instead be substituted into Liuyedao or Wakizashi for a +5)
Raider Discipline

From the rigid north, to the riverways through the civilizations of Alm, raiders are a menace to the many villages and settlements who are unfortunate enough to not be within walls, where raiders excel in ragged, asymmetrical combat to quickly move in and leave before reinforcements arrive.

  • +5 with One-Handed Axes or One-Handed Hammers
  • +3 with Shields
  • +3 with Any Weapon of Choice (Can instead be substituted into Shields for a +5)
Juggernaut Discipline

The juggernauts of the Breachlands are known for their line breaking abilities. They wear the heaviest of armor and largest of weapons to carve a line through the battlefield.

  • +5 with Two-Handed Blunt Weapons (Warhammer/Two-handed Mace)
  • +3 with One-Handed Blunt Weapons (One-handed Hammer/Cudgel/Mace)
  • +3 with Any Weapon of Choice (Can instead be substituted into One-Handed Blunt Weapons for a +5)

Unique Disciplines

To avoid any potential disappointment or lacking in our creation of combat niches, we are also permitting players the opportunity to create unique niches for themselves or the player base at large. This is done as we know there will inevitably be a weapon combination or combat style we cannot account for or is too niche for larger player usage template below to request a unique combat discipline for yourself or to be added to the public list. Please include this on your character application when applying.

[Discipline Name]

Short description of your proposed discipline here.

  • +5 [Weapon #1]
  • +3 [Weapon #2]
  • +3 [Weapon #3] (Can instead be substituted into Weapon #2 for a +5)

Public Use Discipline or Individual Combat Style: [Public or Individual]

Staff will look over your submission once it has been posted to determine if it will be added to the larger document for open use among the player base or granted specifically to the applying player to enable mentor/student roleplay. These are almost guaranteed approvals unless they stray too far from logic/common sense. With this said, PLAYERS ARE LIMITED TO ONE COMBAT DISCIPLINE PER CHARACTER AT ANY GIVEN TIME.