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Pre-History | “The First Days” | Y??-E0

  • Birth of the Universe: Solarum, Luvyr, Alluvyr, and Vyrri are created as the four major celestial bodies that surround the planet of Alm alongside Alm itself. Solarum is the star that is orbited by Alm and Luvyr, Alluvyr, and Vyrri are the three moons that atypically orbit Alm. An infinite number of other stars are created, and it is theorized that there are other planets as well.
  • The First People: The First Ones are created by one of the Greater Beings that roam the Universe during the First Days. Little has ever been written down or recorded about the First Ones, and all that is known is kept secret inside the walls of Hrothreg.
  • Dwarven Creation: The Dwarves are created by breathing life into Stone Golems. Their exact reason for existing has never actually been discovered, but their original purpose is believed to have been as laborers for the growing First Society.
  • The Bullgrim Mine Riots: The only piece of information made available for consumption by the Kraumdall High Stonescribes other than their origins are the riots that spearheaded the usurpation of the First People. The Dwarves turned on their masters after a long and allegedly tyrannical rule and hunted them to the brink of extinction.
  • The First Catastrophe: Brought on by an unknown series of events, the First Catastrophe occurred after the usurpation of the First People when seismic activity would forever alter the face of Alm. The planetary geography shifted, the atmosphere weakened, and climate all drastically changed and caused the death of an unnumbered amount of civilizations, plants, and animals. Alm’s smallest moon Vyrri was caught in the chaos and was destroyed, disrupting the lunar cycle and drastically shifting the tides. The dwarves are the only confirmed survivors of the event, and the details of it are stored away deep in the underbelly of Highkeep in complete darkness and guarded by elite warriors.

The First Era | “The Era of Rebirth” | Y1-E1

  • Y1-E1 | The Rise of the Rhyloryn: Elven society emerges from the charred corpses of sentient plant life. While the Elves were thought to have existed during the First Days, there is no consequential proof of this. Elven society blossoms quickly despite starting in the hostile territory known as the Wilderlands. The ten Elven Tribes begin experimenting with magic, though they each have their own goals.
  • Y32-E1 | Dwarven Persistence: The Dwarves retreat from the lands surrounding Hrothreg and begin construction of Highkeep Citadel. They spend most of the First Era attempting to recreate their society from the ground up after facing heavy casualties from The First Catastrophe. The Iron Council and High Stonescribe safeguard the truth of the First days from the Dwarves in an attempt to protect the new generation.
  • Y33-E1 | Dwarven Intellectual Embargo: After the events of the First Catastrophe the Iron Council would decide to place a permanent embargo on the development of magic, machinery, or any other progression in Dwarven society to prevent another catastrophe from happening.
  • Y85-E1 | The Wisp: The nomadic Fivyr Elven Tribe is reported to have vanished in a single night following a substantial earthquake. On the night of their disappearance, the other Elven Tribes had reported bright lights in the sky and a large swarm of wisp-like creatures migrating to the stars.
  • Y106-E1 | The Elven Insurrection: The Ihyr Tribe and a small sect of renegade Riffari Elves conjure up forgotten magics from the First Days to hunt down powerful entities roaming Alm. The outcome of these hunts awoke ancient entities that have slept since the First days and the Elven showed no signs of stopping.
  • Y456-E1 | Birth of the Orcs: Once again Alm shook as different Elementals still wondering the world disappeared with a trace as primitive Orcs arose from a sudden hole near modern Southbreach. The misshapen, early Orcs began to cultivate the nearby area where they would develop and gain a more permanent appearance resembling their present descendants.
  • Y458-E1 | The Orc Ports of Southbreach: Orc society quickly flourishes over three hundred years. A number of different types of Orcs form from their misshapen predecessors and slowly transition towards the coast and develop a seafaring lifestyle where Southbreach was established. The Orcs would show an aptitude for naval exploration and invent water-bound vessels, advanced navigation, and the compass in the following centuries.
  • Y495-E1 | The Second Elven Insurrection: The Rhyloryn join forces with the Ihyr Tribe and Riffari Elves and spend hundreds of years after the first insurrection experimenting with summoning more powerful entities. The Rhyloryn used a primal and nearly uncontrollable form of magic similar to the kind the Ihyr used to defeat these entities. The Tribes of Ikyr would begin taking on godlike properties with each entity they killed until obtaining the ability to reshape the fabric of the universe on a small scale.
  • Y500-E1 | The Scattering: All of a sudden the Elves would face trial for their crimes against the universe as their primary deity, The Lady, would descend upon them and deliver merciless judgment. The Lady would spend the next thousand years culling the Elven population to the brink of extinction and forcing those remaining to the harshest environments on the face of Alm. Despite only a few misguided Riffari participating in the slaying of powerful entities, they paid the heaviest toll as a powerful curse was placed on them.

The Second Era | “The Time of Travelling” | Y1- E2

  • Y1-E2 | The Elven Resurrection: After The Scattering, the remaining Elven tribes began slowly spreading out in their newfound homeland. As they become more acquainted to their new home, each discovered that their prolonged contact with the fabric of the Universe and magic they barely grasped had a major impact on their physiology. This was the first evidence of the different Elven subraces as they previously resembled one another. Around this time the last Rhyloryn Elf had been killed.
  • Y56-E2 | The Traders of Mhyrrdin: The first Dwarves to descend down from the mountains in several centuries, the Traders of Mhyrrdin were released from the newly finished Highkeep in an effort to establish contact with any other races that may have survived the Scattering. The Traders of Mhyrrdin establish a port city on the island of Darroway in what would be modern day Monterrin.The memoryless Dalgar were the first to make contact with the Dwarven Traders. The Orcs, who had been engaged in seafaring expeditions since well before the Sundering, would make contact with the Traders next.
  • Y60-E2 | The War of Tooth and Tongue: Following the arrivial of the Orcish Tribes on the shores of Darroway, the two clashed in several small skirmishes that would be the first major military battle fought between any two races. Neither side gained any territory over the weeks to come and only resulted in minor casualties. Dalgar were sent to negotiate with the Orcs after the Dwarves saw little point in continuing the war. The Orcs would leave the treaty table with the opinion they would face less resistance back on the shores of Southbreach and returned home.
  • Y78-E2 | Dwarven Nautical Expeditions: After retrieving one of the watercrafts the Orcs had employed to travel thousand of miles across the Yawling Sea to modern day Monterrin, the Iron Council decided to partially lift the Dwarven Intellectual Embargo to invent for the first time in two centuries. The Scholotechs pieced together multi-level dinghies that worked like very unusual pendulums and were able to quickly propel teams of eight through even the roughest of waters. Through these expeditions they made contact with the Ikyrian Elves to the Southeast and the Luvahrin Elves to the Far North.
  • Y126-E2 | The Dwarven-Elven Wars: The Dwarven-Elven Wars were a series of one-sided battles where the Dwarves hunted down the magically inclined Elves and forced them into even harsher territories than the ones they were bandished to by The Lady. For the Ikyrians this was the White Forests outside the Machahallah Desert, the Luvahrin Elves were forced into the Wellspring of the Bleakfjord, and the Fae, despite no obvious connection to the Elves, were forced into the dense jungle miles from their home on the Palecoast. The Sephyrran Elves had yet to emerged from the Garden of Te’fil, and the Riffari only consisted of a handful of elves so they remained relatively unaffected by the conflict. The Dwarven-Elven wars brought the Second Era to a close, as the time afterwards had set the world stage for relationships between the races, and the development of Naval travel had opened Alm to exploration.

The Third Era | “The Era of Growth” | Y1-E3

  • Y1-E3 | The Emergance: A series of unusual seismic events a few hundred years into the Third Era caused a series of intense arcane currents to cover the face of the planet and mutate, reanimate, or create new or ancient life forms. A number of Flora and Fauna alongside Dragons, Sea Serpents, Matokaori, Grawlbeasts, Ubiks, and the Albutakoakoriall’a were reanimated and began to spread out amongst lands. Humans also came out of this period along with the Faefolke and the Da’jin.
  • Y42-E3 | The War of the Northern Mountains: Although the Mountain Clans were small in number and the first of the humans to really form their own society, they quickly got into spats with Dwarven patrols that were meant to keep their enemies from finding the Highkeep. A series of wars lasting about one hundred and thirty days eventually resulted in an armistice and a military alliance which would eventually become the Oldtepact which set the stage for the creation of the modern Dwarven-Human military alliance known as the Old Guard.
  • Y68-E3 | The Creation of the Human Empires: A newly formed Empire comprised of the Amyrians and three other societies would occupy the territory that would become known as Monterrin. The Amyrians would create the Church of the Holy and Divine Lady of Crystalline and Celestial Radiance as the dominating religion of the time. The Riverfolke learned how to navigate through the Mellowmire and occupied it years before it would begin to slowly take over their minds and bodies. The Makamura would refuse to join the Human Empire and built a wall around their island home to keep out intruders. Notably, the Makamura would not be heard about again until the beginning of the Fifth Era.
  • Y158-E3 | The War of the Breaches: All of a sudden, the Elven homeland of the wilderlands and the home of the Orcs of The Breaches would become overwhelmed with dark energy. It would corrupt an entire clan of Orcs, and the land itself would seem to be angry as sickly grey creatures and flora would infest it. The Orcs renamed the corrupted land Dullbreach, and a war was prompted to push back the dark energy. The War would be temparily set aside during the Fourth Era but would resume once again as the Orcs of Southbreach still fight it from spreading to the rest of Alm.
  • Y205-E3 | The Val’korei Résistance: Dissatisfied with the leadership and cruelty of the Amyrian Empire, Amelia Fomeux and a number of Amryian castaways banded together. They captured a fleet of Amyrian vessels in order to create the Val’korei fleet, and after a series of several hundred raids against Amyrian coastal settlements and the former capital city of Amryia, Allory, the Val’korei had established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.
  • Y236-E3 | The Human Convergence: Tired of endless harassment from Amyrian troops, the remaining human civilizations stormed the capital city of Allory and burned it to the ground. The leaders of each civilization forced the Amyrians into a five-way peace accord and divided the territories of the Monterrin province into four Princedoms, giving the domain of the oceans to the Pirates of Val’korei.
  • Y248-E3 | The Thousand-Year Midnight: Arguably the most peculiar event in all of the history of Alm, the Thousand-Year Midnight began at an otherwise normal time. A heavy frost drifted down from the mountains and was carried across the world by a torrent of arcane energy and quickly froze the oceans, rivers, flora, and a number of smaller fauna in solid sheets of ice. The days began to get much, much shorter as the nights grew longer. On the third day of this phenomenon, the star that Alm orbits, Solarum, ceased to exist and the world was plunged into darkness. All civilizations were forced underground or made to fend for themselves.

The Fourth Era | “The Thousand-Year Midnight” | Y1-E4

  • Y???-E??? | The Thousand-Year Midnight: Named for the event that brought the end to the Third Era, the Thousand-Year Midnight was an event that actually occurred for an unknown amount of time. In Dwarven civilizations, they claim that the event lasted for well over a thousand years while some historians estimate up and towards the tens of thousands mark. However, the Ikyrians and the Humans remember it only as a few days of dark, bitter winter before they blinked and the sun emerged back over the horizon and thawed the world. The Fourth Era is considered to be an anomaly among history, because of differing historical accounts of events that can be neither confirmed or discredited. Humans that were alive during the Third Era were still alive during the end of the Fourth, but there were families of Dwarves that had gone through hundreds of new generations before the Fifth Era came. The Elves remember very little, except for the Luvahrin Elves that seem to be the only ones to have existed for an extended period of time above ground, unlike the Dwarves who retreated into the bowels of Hrothreg and relied on geothermal energy and underground farms to persist. Notably, the Luvahrins do recall a series of unusual celestial events, including a pair of star-like eyes gazing over them.

The Fifth Era | “The New Dawn of Civilization” | Y1-E5

  • Y489-E5 | Present Day: Only a few hundred years into the Fifth Era, there have been a number of global catastrophes that have caused people all over the world to exist in a state of restlessness. The Amyrians have unveiled a power that they had formerly kept to themselves and are in the process of waging war the Dwarves and other human Princedoms. The Orcs are finding themselves on the losing end of the War of the Breaches, the Ikyrians are facing a pestilence on their livestock and crops, and global society is facing economic struggles that have driven every living civilization into a deep financial depression as the result of global warfare.