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Planar Rifts and Anomalies

The unusual nature of the structure of the Universe sometimes results in the movement of beings or entities from one plane of existence to another, the creation of entirely new entities or individuals, spontaneous extraplanar storms, or another such unusual phenomenon. The most interesting and commonplace of all these phenomenon is the tendency for Planar Rifts to seemingly teleport people from parallel or juxtaposed universes. These individuals suffer from a condition that is commonly referred to as Anomalous Amnesia, in which they do not recall anything about themselves or their history beyond basic information such as their name and skills they may have developed throughout their lifetime. Sometimes they find themselves within bodies that they are not used to or with skills they don't recall learning, and they always seem to exist and operate within the same realm of laws that the Universe of Alm does. This is likely because this phenomenon creates a Universe acceptable copy of their mind and then forms a Universe acceptable body around it. No items or material possessions can be brought over, which often results in most of these individuals being ported over completely naked.

OOC Note: Planar Rifts and Anomalies is our system for seamlessly transitioning characters from other servers or outlets here onto Waymaker. By taking advantage of this feature you can bring over a character from another server, Tabletop RPG, or another roleplaying scenario where you have used them before. They do not recall anything about their past other than their name, but other characters ported over this way that they have met will give them a faint sense of Deja vu or they may be compelled to feel unusual emotions akin or opposite to how they felt about other characters. Lovers in another universe may feel butterflies in their stomach or get a hitch in their breath, or they could become incredibly hostile for a reason they don't really understand themselves. This works for enemies, friends, lovers, etc. The exact way that they feel about characters they have met before is up to the players to decide OOC.