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World History

Pre-History | “The War of the Gods” | E0

This point in history is shrouded in mystery, with few found archaeological sites or records remaining from it. All that is known from this time is that Alm was made of a single great landmass hosting several great civilizations of differing races and faiths, including the first Dwarves and the technologically advanced Rhyloryn (who are now known as the Ri'fari today), and a great war between the civilizations occurring. With great flying machines and works of technological marvel, archmagic, and sweeping deific power, the land and people of Alm were shattered. The single great landmass was shattered into several continents and islands through this war, with the exact process how remaining a debate among scholars. The war consequently ended with the Ri'fari empowering their patron deity Rhylor, who cast upon an unending blizzard across the entirety of Alm. Deserts, forests and marshes across the world turned into harsh, frozen wastelands. Massive hailstorms brought down towers and walls, which ended all civilization on the frozen surface, save the Ri'fari within their steam-kindled cities. It is unknown who else survived this time, save the Dwarves who fortified their deep strongholds, shutting off the doors to the surface.

The First Era | “The Eternal Blizzard” | E1

  • The Rhyloryn ruled the surface and could expand their empire as they pleased across the now continents with steam technology warming themselves in the inhospitable climate.
  • The fanatic Order of Ai'd was established by the Rhyloryn, comprised of dishonored soldiers and prisoners, and were sent underground with the goal of eradicating the last threat to Rhyloryn supremacy; the Dwarves. Lead by the Iconoclast, the radical order established a base of operations within the Underdepth.
  • The Dwarves expanded their domain underground, though still formally at war with the Ri'fari in their eyes, had more pressing problems to deal with creatures and beasts of the Underdepth to expand their territory. Goblins raided and harassed the deepest sections of strongholds, while the Order of Ai'd conducted assaults and warred with individual keeps.
  • Remnants of humans could be found traced back to this time, likely struggling to survive in the barely hospitable tundra, where food was scarce and the land was cold and unforgiving. The first human culture would likely be proto-"vikings" or "inuits" from this time.
  • The Rhyloryn were ruled under by a Divine Pharaoh, named Hierothael. Their priesthood was a separate entity from the crown, and one of the young Acolytes, Ikryn, was blessed by Rhylor for their virtue, gifted the ability to use magic, and was told by the deity that they were destined to save their people. Divine Pharaoh Hierothael grew jealous of this, as Ikryn and their following were able to cast magic, something the Rhyloryn were unable to do before that point.
  • Hierothael, wrought with envy at Ikryn's favor with Rhylor, desiring power and to be immortal, brought together the Archificiers of the Rhyloryn Empire with schematics and plans to create a gate to transcend realms, to seize Rhylor and claim his power for themselves.
  • What is known as the Realmgate was constructed within the capital of the Rhyloryn Empire, Kael'tharai. Upon prying the deity from its realm however, the Realmgate's rift was overloaded and destroyed, creating the Breach in an event known as the Sundering. Lesser Daemons and other abyssal creatures poured forth from the tear in reality, attracted by the chaotic energy. A great battle ensued within the city, ravaging it in the process. However, with technological arms designed to cull the deity, the Divine Pharaoh stood victorious as Rhylor fell.
  • In an event now dubbed the Devouring, thousands of Rhyloryn, along with the Divine Pharaoh, consumed the flesh and ichor of Rhylor, sapping the ebbing divine essence from the deity's corpse. The Rhyloryn who participated in the Devouring were all imbued with a fraction of their betrayed god's power. This came at a cost however, as the fractured essence of Rhylor within the now Ri'fari cursed his traitorous children, banishing them deep within the Underdepth to never rule the land once granted to them.
  • As Rhylor was slain, his mandate over Alm came to an end. The Eternal Blizzard ceased, and what was left of the Rhyloryn Empire was now being ravaged from an abyssal invasion from the Breach.

The Second Era | “The New Age” | E2

  • The Eternal Blizzard has come to an end, with the ice melting revealing the landscape of Alm to be nothing more than rock and soil.
  • Humans begin to emerge, forming hunterer-gatherer societies around bodies of water, subsisting off of fish and marine life.
  • Ikryn ascends to being the Divine Pharaoh. The Rhyloryn have little time to celebrate, nor adapt to the new landscape as they are assailed by hordes of Abyss creatures. The Rhyloryn Empire sends a call for aid to the Iconoclast's Order of Ai'd, who were largely unaware of what has happened. With their numbers thin already from the halt of recruits being sent to them and the war with the Dwarves, the Order of Ai'd turns to occult practices to empower themselves.
  • The Order of Ai'd begins experimentation on Dwarven and Goblin captives to create soldiers. Dwarven bodies prove hardy and able to withstand major modification, though their mental resilience leads to unsuccessful attempts. Goblins prove pliable however, and are mutated and engineered through closely guarded means to create six foot, greenskinned monstrosities with dulled minds. These are immediately sent to aid the Rhyloryn Empire against the Breach Invasion, and are refined gradually into modern Orcs today.
  • The Orcs are sent enmasse into the Breachlands to combat the invasion, with success. However, the help was much too late. The Rhyloryn Empire was shattered, with the Rhyloryn people numbered in the hundreds as a result. Their technology destroyed, and their Grand Archives and Archifiers within Kael'tharai destroyed, the Rhyloryn have lost their technology and as a result begin to deteriorate.
  • An Archmage among the now magic-fluent Rhyloryn known as Sephyrr begins to grow a following around herself, based on their radical beliefs on the Rhyloryn to take on a maternal role to guide and grow life on Alm, rather than to subjugate and destroy the land. These radical cultists are persecuted and hunted by Ikryn and the remnants of the Rhyloryn Empire.
  • Sephyrr and her following undergo a ritual to plant what is known as the Almseed, the center of which life shall flow. The infertile harsh soil of Alm proves impossible to cultivate the plant however, as the Cult of Sephyrr lay down their bodies willingly to feed the soil and make it fertile.
  • As a result the Almseed blooms into a massive worldtree derived from the essence and archmagic of Sephyrr, birthing life upon the surface of Alm. Blades of grass, trees and insects begin to spring across the landscape of the world, where the shell of the Almseed anchored a realm of nature itself which hosts Sephyrr, creating the Faerealm. The Faerealm hosts many creatures and spirits of nature, creating the first Fae, who wrought a curse upon some members of the wildlife into sentience. These first Faefolke serve as inhabitants and indentured guardians of the Faerealm, with others escaping onto Alm and beginning life anew there.

The Third Era | “The Age of Growth" | E3

  • Alm has now been covered with fauna and flora.
  • The Order of Ai'd by this time have been morphed by their ages underground, becoming the Ai'dyn.
  • The Orcs have created their own civilizations within the previous seat of the Rhyloryn Empire now known as the Breachlands, successfully revolting against Divine Pharaoh Ikryn and ousting the last of the Rhyloryn from the land, holding back the continual spew of Abyssal creatures.
  • The last of the Rhyloryn undergo an exodus, passing many days in unforgiving and foreign terrain, until finding fertile valleys along a great river within a desert. Divine Pharaoh Ikryn founds the seat of the new Empire here, creating the Ikyrian people.
  • A garden begins to emerge around the base of Sephyrr within the Faerealm, revealing a massive pool of essence. The first Sephyrrans are then born from this collective pool of their consciousness and essence, inherently tied to the worldtree Sephyrr. This becomes known as the Garden of Sephyrr.
  • Humanity begins to create civilizations based around agriculture, forming various Kingdoms and Empires within this time. Amyria is among them.
  • Dragons emerge as great beasts that rule over swathes of land, targeting civilizations and hoarding their treasures greedily. Other great creatures of nature begin to have a known presence on the surface of Alm, such as the Grawlbeasts.
  • The Ri'fari make contact with the Dwarves and the Ai'dyn from the deep Underdepth. The first Divine Pharaoh of the Rhyloryn Empire, Hierothael, is barely perceptible to be Rhyloryn by accounts from the Order of Ai'd; baring monstrous features and wielding sickly powers. A small handful of the Ri'fari escape onto the surface, whilst the other followers of Hierothael engage in a terrible ritual, fully converting themselves into monstrosities much like the Hierothael (creating a monstrous cousin known as the Ri'neferi), and shading Alm into an eternal darkness as they move to destroy what Alm has become and rule over it, unleashing an inescapable darkness over the land along with eldritch deformities onto its inhabitants in what is now dubbed the Thousand Year Midnight.

The Fourth Era | “The Thousand Year Midnight” | E4

  • Undead, Therianthropes, Vampyrs, specters, the Dah'jin curse, and all manners of accursed existences and plights befall Alm.
  • Civilizations are besieged by these evil creatures, overrunning towns, cities, farmlands and the very land. The concentrations of these creatures are not uniform however, with some civilizations ravaged or destroyed during this period, while others suffer very little, and everything inbetween.
  • In particular the Humans get off very well during this period, and they are able to establish themselves in much greater number and proliferate across Alm whilst the Ikyrians are besieged continually by monsters during this time. The only exception to this is the Kingdom of Vhyrania, which is completely toppled and subjugated by the vampyrs, establishing the Vampyric Court. Refugees and escapees of the vampyric threat go to other human nations, however a vast swathe of them instead fall to the nearby dragons of the mountains for their protection in exchange for servitude and worship. They grant it, taking the humans as their servants and in exchange blessing them with their image, creating the modern Vhyranni.
  • The Orcs have a rough time as well on top of the continual spew of Abyssal creatures from the Breach that has not stopped since the Sundering. However they hold their own better than the Ikyrians.
  • The Ikyrians lose many of their people and cities during this era with a particularly ruthless onslaught during this milennia.
  • The Dah'jin curse emerges, which many who are afflicted by it are persecuted in their societies. They congregate during this time to create the Dah'jin Princedoms.
  • A large population of the Dragons perish during this era for multiple reasons. Amounts of Vhyranni find their dragon superiors dead or gone, and begin creating their own civilizations within this void of power. Sensing weakness, many Vhyranni across Alm organize rebellions against their cruel dragon masters in the chaotic era.
  • The Faefolke, originally few in number, are able to proliferate during this era. This results in an increase of their presence across Alm, though not as numerous as other contemporary races.
  • The Dwarves are able to rekindle some of their lost ground during this era, as the Ai'dyn are largely distracted by the newfound Ri'neferi threat. They proliferate during this era and expand their keeps.
  • The Ai'dyn enter a very costly war with the now monstrous Ri'neferi. They are able to grievously injure Hierothael, ending his Thousand Year Midnight as he recedes back into the Underdepth.

The Fifth Era | “The Age of Man” | E5

  • With the end of the Thousand Year Midnight, Humanity is now by and large the dominant force on Alm. The Amyrian Empire has expanded to absorb several civilizations and is the largest civilization on Alm, alongside other human civilizations.
  • The Iconoclast has declared an initiative to revive Rhylor, by slaying Ri'fari and Ri'neferi and containing their held divine essence within a large container within their capital known as the Repository. Once all Ri'fari have been slain and their divine essence extracted, the Ai'dyn aim to bring forth Rhylor to restore their supremacy.
  • The Faefolke have created the Faecourt.
  • Smaller Vhyranni civilizations can be found across Alm.
  • Overall there is a global economic recession as a result of the Thousand Year Midnight.