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“The way her cheeks and eyes glittered like the sun, I was astonished. She seemed otherworldly, how could someone obtain such a color to their features? After asking the young woman, she informed me that it came from a flower in her homeland. How curious that a flower could produce such a hue, perhaps it is a distant cousin to the Ubuq Flower!”

  - “My Travels Across Alm, Volume V”, Synthia Alxes, Y340-E5


The Kalhnu Flower is well loved by the Ikyrians of the Ubyran Savannah, not only for the shiny, golden color of its petals, but for its uses. Through an alchemical process, the flower can be turned into Kalhnu, or Kalhnu paste to be used as face paint or makeup. This has led to the paste being used around the eye, on the lips, and on the cheeks. It has also been developed to be used in dishes to give it a little flair of glittery color.


With four to five wide petals that thin at the ends and form tiny curls, the Kalhnu Flower is a pretty one. The inside is a more dusty, yellow color before waning out into its proper gold hue that shines when reflecting light. The ends then turn a little whiter in the thin curls it forms at the ends of its petals. It can grow larger than it could fit into two palms, and tends to grow in bunches and stick close to one another. It can be found growing in spots close or underneath low growing bushes in the Ubyran Savannah, and tend to grow together. Because of this, it can be a little hard to find as its shiny golden exterior can be hidden underneath these bushes or blend in with the yellow shaded grass that covers the Ubyran Savannah.


The Kalhnu plant is most famous for its usage to make Kalhnu paste, which is a sticky golden substance that is thin in viscosity, dries quickly, and is hard to remove. Typically it is used by the Ikyrians as a face paint, but the younger generations of Ikyrians have started to use the paste as makeup, using it to give a lovely golden color on their lips, dusted on their cheeks, their eyelids, or even their eyelashes. However, the Kalhnu Flowers are also incredibly nutritious and can be eaten directly or cooked into dishes to add a lovely, glitter gold color that can still be eaten, as the flower and paste itself holds a rather neutral taste.


The Kalhnu Flower can be found all across the Ubyran Savannah in small groupings near low to the ground bushes when it starts to grow, and then grows outwards when they mature in their sunny, hot environment. The usage of Kalhnu has become incredibly popular with gourmet cooks across Alm who wish to add a little extra “umph” to the appearance of their dishes with a little golden glitter, as well as its usage as a cosmetic. Despite being a part of Ikyrian culture, it is not frowned upon for other races to use it as a cosmetic or makeup. It is perfectly legal to own, not native in Darroway, and can only be grown in a specific, dry and warm environment.


  • Whilst the flower is mainly harvested to be turned into paste, it is not unheard of for it to be placed in hair or threaded into braids, which is also popular among Ikyrian men and women.
  • Due to the similarities of the Ubuq Flower, being its silver counterpart, there have also been attempts to turn the Ubuq Flower into a paste to be used in a cosmetic form such as Kalhnu paste.
  • Similarly, the flowers are very easy to mix up, as the name Ubuq is similar in spelling to Ubyran, making it tricky for those with an interest in studying flora or cosmetics around Alm.
  • Because of its nutritional advantage, some animals of the Ubyran Savannah eat it, which helps detect a growth patch if animals nearby have a shiny, golden appearance around their mouths or lips. Supposedly, it is a favourite for some of the native creatures of the Savannah, and is used to lure it.

Location: Savannah

Rarity: 4-10

Can It Be Grown On Darroway: Y

Writer(s): skullpanda90

Editor(s): Gochnipunchni