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“I first came across this stunning plant during a hike up in the foothills of the Halvgrum Mountains. Verdant, indigo fields, stretching from horizon to horizon. In awe, I took a sample, and before long, I realized its magnificent potential.”

- An excerpt from Melan Corsican's research journal, entitled "A Most Wonderful Trip"


First recorded in Y209-E5 by a wandering herbalist from Snakestone, a nature researcher named Melan Corsican made the long journey up the mountains of Halvgrum, the wind carried a floral sweet fragrance which was followed all the way up the isolated mountain pass, until the hiker came across a field of vibrant flowers growing atop the mountainside, facing the sun. From thereon the plant was harvested and taken down to Pallomaire where it was quickly snapped up and highly sought after amongst the Amyrian people. Those who had the plant in their care, soon came to realize how easy it was to maintain and had multiple uses besides a potted house decoration. It was soon named the “Lover’s Orchid” after sweethearts and couples began to exchange it as a gift during the Solstice Alexious each year, the name spreading all across Alm. The Luvahrin also sought after the orchid, being extremely popular in the Frozen Library, having a multitude growing in high altitudes of Bleakfjord.


The Lover’s Orchid is a sight to behold, its wide ring of petals are a deep, rich indigo with a variation of a bluish hue depending on the altitude it was grown in. All the petals are covered in a shimmering pearl dusting similar to that delicate touch of a butterfly’s wing. In the centre of the flowers are long, dripping pollen antennas that are covered in a coating of yellow, this type of pollen is extremely desirable for insects, especially bees. This particular plant will often have between 2-5 flower buds at all times, when one wilts and drops, another will soon replace it, as long as it is being well-maintained and cared for.

The stem itself is a dark evergreen, thin in width and long in height, in the wilds the plant is known to stretch up to the heights of 30 centimeters, sometimes longer. Usually the stems have accompanying waxy-leaves that almost cup the stem itself in a cup shape. Unknown to most unless studied, the roots of the Lover’s Orchid are long, spindly and grey-ish white in colour, these grow extremely long and can tangle if kept in a small pot for long, usually needing a new pot every 2-3 months if kept indoors.


Although its primary use is household aesthetics, another popular use is a type of powder you can harvest for cosmetic purposes. Straight from the plant, the pearl dusting from the petals can be scraped off, and used to add a white pearl shimmer to your face, either to accentuate cheekbones or more popularly to add sparkle to the eyelids. Often, people will also add pigment to the powder for an assortment of colours beyond the natural white. This is widely sold in markets and shops in any large city or town, especially in Amyria, though the Luvahrin have begun to adopt these customs too, with the women dusting the shimmer on their pale cheeks in ceremonies or occasions.

Another use for this orchid is the fragrance it emanates from its flower buds and powder. These have been cultivated over the years with a mixture of water and other alchemical components to make what presently is called perfume. The scent is of sweet-floral notes and is widely popular amongst the more decadent denizens of Alm. Sometimes more often than not, the perfume is used as a household spray as well, to leave rooms sweet smelling and rid of unpleasant odours.

Lastly and more recently, have entrepreneurs been able to convert the sweet smelling powder to incense sticks for burning, quite commonly used in respects of a buried loved one, or merely to liven up the room and tickle your senses. This often goes hand-in-hand with the household spray variant. However, it is still considered to be in extremely poor taste to use incense derived from the Lover's Orchid in typical Amyrian church ceremonies, as it is considered to be too vulgar and hedonistic for the worship of the Lady.


This plant is native in many places, Darroway being one. It thrives in high altitudes upon mountaintops in most climates besides scorching desert terrain. It is often seen more prominently with the Amyrian and Luvahrin people and their homelands. The plant itself is widely sold in markets all across Alm and in its many forms of uses, perfumes, incense and cosmetic pallets, being extremely popular around Solstice, gifted between lovers and friends. Though in it’s plant form, it’s hard to find and purchase during the winter months, due to its scarce availability in that seasonal period.


  • In the sun, the Lover’s Orchid is almost iridescent, some say it’s the most beautiful flower they’ve ever laid their eyes upon, completely mesmerizing.
  • Some farmers say honey made from bees that specifically pollinated from this plant, is extremely delectable and is a rare luxury to find. Often being sold at high prices and highly sought by the noble population in Pallomaire.
  • Surprisingly, despite it’s easy maintenance, household orchids often suffer terribly from lack of sunlight and are prone to wilting in the winter due to wavering temperatures indoors.

Location: Any High-Altitude Region

Rarity: 4/10

Can It Be Grown On Darroway: Yes

Writer(s): _Owlet

Editor(s): Gochnipunchni