Pallomaire's Daughter

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“The blooms that had once painted a sea of gold upon the gently rolling hills of my hometown were gone. In their place was a rotten, interweaving nest of weeds and barely-mature plants. The roads that had once been some of the most picturesque areas to walk in Amyria were reduced to land that wouldn’t be fit for a slave to labour in. The wonder I had felt as a child.. Whisked away like a scrap of song in a windstorm.”

- An excerpt from the journals of failed Palantine, Julius Octavian, titled “The Long Walk Home”


Pallomaire’s Daughter is a widely cultivated plant inside the Amyrian Commonwealth, and serves as a cautionary tale about the costs of industrialization in many other cultures. It was first recorded in Y35-E3, as one of the early groups of what would eventually be Amyrians, descending from the mountainside, encountered a vast field of what they named “Goldenlilies.” Their healing properties were rapidly discovered only a few years later, and the plant began becoming a staple of the early Amyrian farming economy. By Y100-E3, it was one of the most intensively farmed plants in the world, and wide golden fields were cared for day and night by the new empire’s citizens.

However, everything changes in late Y197-E3, when a more efficient way of harvesting the healing properties of the plant was discovered. They did so by prematurely plucking it as bud, instead of a flower. Rapidly, those golden fields were stripped away, leaving only a wide expanse of tangled green leaves, where farmers marched in long lines with heavy sacks thrown over their shoulders, looking for any buds that they can see.

Today, that is still the state of things, although increasing demands by the vast Amyrian military to support the ongoing conflict with the Dwarves has resulted in a massive shortage of supplies of the plant worldwide. Actual intact Pallomaire’s Daughter blooms have become a luxury resource, and most remaining intact blooms go directly to the fabulously wealthy ranks of Amyrian nobility.


Pallomaire’s Daughter grows low to the ground, as a thick dark green mat of intertwining vegetation. Small stalks emerge from this mat, upon which the large, iconic pinkish-gold lilies that are so widely coveted by the Amyrian people grow. The blooms themselves are about the size of an adult man’s hand, and smell very strongly of some sickly sweet odor that is often compared to honey mixed with rot. The blooms often remain preserved for a surprisingly long time, only showing signs of wilting after a few months, even when severed from their parent plant and deprived of water. The buds of the plant, however, are thick, juicy, and golden-yellow, almost like berries.


Pallomaire’s Daughter, after undergoing a complicated alchemical process, can be used to create the Lady’s Ichor concoction, which is an entirely opaque, extremely reflective, golden potion, with the consistency of quicksilver. When applied to bandages or consumed, it accelerates healing, closing over surface wounds and gashes. It is, however, rather expensive, as it usually needs to be imported from Amyrian Commonwealth, and using it more than once per week can actually cause large golden-yellow lump-like growths to grow across your body.


Pallomaire’s Daughter has been cultivated all across the central plains of Amyria almost since the beginning of the Amyrian Empire. It is one of the primary ingredients in their powerful war machine, and the precise ingredients used to create the Lady’s Ichor is a closely kept state secret. Pallomaire’s Daughter is not native to any continent other than Mont-Duwar, although through intense care, it can survive elsewhere. It is legal to own pretty much everywhere in the world, despite the steep penalties that are incurred by trying to smuggle the plant out of Amyrian lands.


  • Veterans of Amyrian conflicts famously tend to be afflicted with Soldier’s Pox, a common term for the vast amount of golden growths that cover their bodies if they’ve been exposed to Lady’s Ichor too often, however, richer nobles can afford to have them removed relatively easily.
  • Over time, Pallomaire’s Daughter is well known for sapping all the nutrients out of the soil, choking out any other plants nearby- Some scholars actually believe that therefore it should be considered to be a weed.
  • Due to it never being recorded before the Era of Growth, a popular theory is that it was a result of the Emergence

Location: Amyrian Plains

Rarity: 4.5/10

Can It Be Grown On Darroway: Yes, though with difficulty

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