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“It took my baby! My poor, poor Lady Lucy! It just pulled her right up into the sky!”

- An Unnamed Amyrian Noblewoman


Seemingly having existed since even before the Faefolke, Pixies are ferocious, yet strangely beautiful creatures that have been considered a myth to many outside of Palecoast due to their rarity. However, they have existed in old tales and first hand accounts alike from the native Faefolke and Dah'jin of Palecoast. These creatures have been described as everything from small bulbs of floating light to having small humanoid bodies in any color, only a few inches tall with the wings of insects. But, as any who have been unlucky enough to encounter these creatures first hand can attest, they are aggressive hunters with a voracious craving for meat, intelligent enough to trick their targets into their dens to feast upon. Nowadays, Pixies have become a bit more common in sightings outside of  Palecoast due to being captured and transported away from their native land.


Pixies are small, humanoid creatures around 3-4 inches tall and able to fit in the palm of your hand. All Pixies have shiny, iridescent insect-like wings sprouting from their backs that have been shown to mimic the wings of any kind of insect, like dragonflies, bees, or beetles, and similarly allows them to fly and buzz about. Much like bugs, they can also have more than one set of arms, the most accounted for being three, in addition to a pair of lithe legs. Their bodies are slim, and are featureless with flat chests and a smooth area over where any indication of their sex would be, giving a genderless appearance. Pixies bodies have been seen to come in any color, save for any neon hues, which also applies to their hair, which appears like human hair that strictly remains short to their heads. As for their eyes, Pixies typically have two, beady solid-black eyes that take up their whole sclera. Pixies additionally emit a faint glow from their bodies, making them appear like a twinkling bulb of floating dust from a distance.

The most threatening part of the Pixie are their sharp, needle-like teeth that sit in rows in their mouths, which allows them to maintain their carnivorous diets. Pixies go quickly through its stages of life and maturity like insects, most noticeably similar to a butterfly's life cycle. Burrowing into the wood of Palebark Trees to which they make their home, they are first laid as iridescent, colorful larvae that look like tiny gems. Next they evolve into an unusual caterpillar-like stage before forming a shell around their bodies in the chrysalis stage, to which they stay in for the span of two days before coming out of their shell in their humanoid forms which they will maintain until they die.


Despite their magical and alluring appearance, Pixies are vicious creatures that should be hastily avoided. Pixies are notorious for their cleverness, and are able to communicate with one another through a high pitched chittering noise. Their vague sentience is what allows Pixies to lure and trick their prey to their imminent doom as they hunt in packs, floating about with their soft colors and twinkling aura to attract unlucky travelers or wanderers into their territories. Once brought close enough, the Pixies will allow the Palebark tree that they live in to kill their prey before using their sharp teeth to bite and consume until all meat is picked from the bone.

However, they are able to hunt without the aid of the tree, albeit in a method that requires more than one Pixie, usually involving piranha-esque swarming behaviour. Being the ruthless, pack hunting carnivores that they are, a Pixie's diet can range from small bugs and animals to livestock and humans. Because of this, Pixies are incredibly aggressive and territorial creatures that won’t tolerate any living thing that comes into their claimed territory, to which they will immediately attack once provoked. This also leads to cannibalism among them, as there are multiple different groups of Pixies that have their own territories that are often not friendly with one another. These aforementioned territories can span far out from the Palebark Trees that they live inside, able to cover about two to five miles in circumference (depending on the amount of pixies inhabiting an area) with their homes in the center. When one is alone however, it tends to travel aimlessly until it can find a place where it can obtain meat frequently, and doesn’t take kindly to interference. There are no records of a Pixie ever becoming tame.


Due to living solely inside the carnivorous Palebark Trees, Pixies are strictly native to Palecoast. As such, Pixies can be found anywhere on Palecoast where Palebark Trees can be found. However, this does not make them prime targets for poachers. Pixies are tricky, intelligent, and hard to find, being a creature that tends to only let themselves be found if they wish it. Due to their mysterious nature, there aren’t any laws against owning these beings as they are thought to not exist. In recent days since the spread of rumors about the beautiful and intelligent creatures, trappers, hunters, and traders have started to sail to Palecoast to capture Pixies. Because of this, Pixies have often escaped into lands that they are not native to, and cause minor issues in their wake for other communities, as a Pixie infestation can rapidly breed out of control.


  • Up until recently, Pixies were long thought to be myths among the general Amyrian community  until a crew of explorers tried to document the fauna of Palecoast and ended up encountering the creatures. Luckily, most of the crew survived to tell the tale.
  • Pixies are incredibly hard to catch, making them a rare and expensive treasure outside of Palecoast. It is believed that those best suited to try and catch a Pixie is a Faefolke, especially one that hails from Palecoast.
  • Despite being ruthless little creatures, the Faecourt considers them treasured delicacies. Their taste is described as a perfect mix between tart and sugary.
  • Due to the trapping and trading of Pixies, there have been sightings of the creatures in the Amyrian city of Pallomaire. A news article brought attention to this over the account of a noblewoman agonizing over the loss of her cat to a “flying-human-bug-thing”.

Lifespan: 3-5 years

Habitat: Forest, Palecoast

Diet: Carnivore

Rarity: 2/10

Danger: 8.5/10

Can It Survive On Darroway: Yes

Tags: Humanoid, Small

Writer(s): Skullpanda90

Editor(s): Gochnipunchni