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“Now if only there were a way to get rid of all this slag..”

- An Unknown Dwarvish Smith


Scraploid is a metal alloy made out of necessity and resourcefulness, the waste of iron and steel production crystallized to make cheap, ineffective tools for the poor, or those not worthy of proper Iron and Steel. While the Dwarves hoarded their supply of iron and steel, they sold what was left, the slag, a silica rich, ferrous, mostly useless product of iron mongering, to the other races of Alm, who smelted down and recast this into the crystallized slag known today as Scraploid.


Scraploid forms whatever shape it was cast into, be it an hoe head to even cooking utensils. Typically, the color ranges from a dark, dull grey to a glassy grey, though it depends on the process of which the slag it is derived from was produced. Small speckles of impurities can result in a series of dots or tints across the metal, ranging from rusty red to earthy greens.

The quality, quantity and purity of Scraploid relies heavily on the ore of which the slag is derived from, with a richer, purer ore producing less but richer slag and a poorer, impure ore producing large quantities of poor quality slag. Scraploid is made via resmelting down the waste of previous smelts, then casting it into desired shapes, with a long cooling period to allow for crystallization to set in.


Due to its high silica content, Scraploid is actually a rather stable metal and has little to no reactions with other metals. For the most part, it doesn't rust. However, it is so weak and brittle, it has been known to even have critical failures when hitting nearly all metals bar the purest of gold. Despite it’s weak nature, how hard it is to work and frankly how unreliable it is as a usable tool, this is all outweighed by how ridiculously cheap it is to produce, giving it use for peasantry and commoners throughout Alm for simple tools, such as hoes, sickles and small blades. It makes for fairly good utensils as well, although eating off of Scraploid plates or bowls is traditionally exceedingly frowned upon.


Everywhere in the world where metal smelting is done, or anywhere which has access to metal tools, with it most commonly found closer to metalworking hubs. Scraploid is as common as dirt in most industrialized places in the world. It can be bought for only a few pennies per ingot in nearly every market in the world, and the smiths who produce it cannot give it away fast enough. Considering its relative uselessness as a weapon, bar in the most extreme of circumstances, it is completely legal to own, produce, sell and export in all regions of the world.


  • Axes and Pickaxes were trialled early on in the existence of Scraploid, though they only lasted four to five hits before shattering.
  • One popular Amyrian folk tale explores the belief that Scraploid was originally sold to the Amyrians under the impression that they couldn’t be trusted with iron and steel since they’d use it against the Dwarves. It particularly enunciates the idea that the Dwarves were "hoarding all the good metal to themselves," and often serves as a particularly effective piece of Amyrian propaganda against the dwarves.
  • Other nicknames for Scraploid include “The poor man’s Kurosteel”, “Iron Glass”, “Slag Steel” and the simply put “Craploid”.

Location: Everywhere, literally everywhere metalworking exists

Rarity: 1

Properties: Non Malleable, Non Ductile, Sub Metallic to Vitreous Luster, Poorly Translucent, Very Poor Conductor, Brittle.

Can It Be Mined/Produced On Darroway: Yes

Writer(s): Weaponcraft

Editor(s): Gochnipunchni