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“Does this water taste funny to you? Like a.. Weird aftertaste?”

- First Ai’din to use a Stosnon cup


An extremely malleable mineral that forms in parallel sheets amongst the crystals of the Crystal Labyrinth, Stosnon was discovered amongst the crystals and gems, and quickly put to use by the Ai'din. Due to its easily moldable nature in hot water before being set by cold water, its use as a vessel for water was recognized, though it isn’t accommodating for hot beverages. It has been used for several centuries by the Ai'din now, although they don't tend to find it valuable enough for large scale harvesting or export.


Stosnon is a dull greenish-grey metalloid which forms in large sheets in the spaces between crystals and gems in the Crystal Labyrinth, with some crystals growing on top of large sheets of it, which means as the crystals are harvested, the sheets become exposed. The ore forms in the various fluid pathways amongst the cavern, forming a mesh which purifies the fluid that passes through, creating an area that collects impurities. Over time, this creates purer crystals and gemstones, thus exponentially increasing the quality of the minerals present, at the cost of contaminating the water with large quantities of Stosnon


As Stosnon is a mixture of several different sulfides, with a myriad of toxic minerals forming the core of the mineral’s structure, making it reactive when in contact with few alchemical substances, including water, which cause a slight rotten or spoilt smell to occur. This reaction slowly erodes away the surface of the Stosnon sheets, progressively saturating the Crystal Labyrinth's water channels with the mineral. Stosnon is hypothesized to be toxic, and the symptoms of Stosnon poisoning are a greying of the skin, as well as severe headaches. This property is unknown to the Ai’din who primarily use it for vessels for water consumption, due to its easily moldable nature, although they seem to be fairly immune to the headaches brought on by Stosnon poisoning.


The metal, technically, should exist in some if not most watery volcanic systems, or wherever volcanic gems and crystals occur, but so far it’s only been discovered in and around the Crystal Labyrinth, especially below the crystals themselves. It isn’t commercially available, but is legal to own and sell, but traditionally it is kept by the Ai’din, who don't see it as being valuable enough to trade.


  • Stosnon is stable and nonreactive in dry conditions, but when exposed to weak acids or acidic water, which is prominently found in the volcanic conditions.
  • A recent theory, brought forth by an Amyrian scholar, is that all Ai'din may in fact already be suffering from Stosnon poisoning, which could explain the greyish skin that they all share.
  • Ai’din do not seem to have connected the dots but outsiders who have visited the trade hub for gems, have expressed some degree of sickness due to being there, affectionately known as “Dwarven Revenge” as the Ai’din have overtaken the gem trade from the Dwarves.

Location: Volcanic Systems, Crystal Labyrinth.

Rarity: 7/10

Properties: Easily malleable, ductile, dull to sub-metallic, poor conductor, low melting point, high boiling point

Can It Be Mined/Produced On Darroway: Yes

Writer(s): Weaponcraft

Editor(s): Gochnipunchni