The Orcish Tribes of the Breachlands

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The widely feared titans of the Breachlands, the Orcs are the only race in all of Alm that have ever been able to stand on equal footing with the Dwarves when it comes to technological innovation. They were the first to invent seagoing vessels capable of traversing Alm's oceans and also pioneered technology such as advanced mapping techniques, compasses, and astrolabes. The Orcs are considered by most to be bumbling idiots, but a number of them are quite intelligent and Orcish, despite its series of grunts and reliance on hand gestures, is actually an incredibly intricate and very expressive language.


History In Summary:

First Era
  • Y456-E1 - Birth of the Orcs: Once again Alm shook as different Elementals still wondering the world disappeared without a trace as primitive Orcs arose from a sudden hole near modern Southbreach. The misshapen, early Orcs began to cultivate the nearby area where they would develop and gain a more refined appearance resembling their present descendants.
  • Y458-E1 - The Orc Ports of Southbreach: Orc society quickly flourishes over three hundred years. A number of different types of orcs form from their misshapen predecessors and slowly transition towards the coast and develop a seafaring lifestyle where Southbreach was established. The Orcs would show an aptitude for naval exploration and invent water-bound vessels, advanced navigation, and the compass in the following centuries.
Second Era
  • Y60-E2 - The War of Tooth and Tongue: Following the arrival of the Orcish Tribes on the shores of Darroway, the two clashed in several small skirmishes that would be the first major military battle fought between any two races. Neither side gained any territory over the weeks to come and only resulted in minor casualties. Diplomats were sent to negotiate with the Orcs after the Dwarves saw little point in continuing the war. The Orcs would leave the treaty table with the opinion they would face less resistance back on the shores of Southbreach and returned home.
Third Era
  • Y158-E3 - The War of the Breaches: All of a sudden, the Elven homeland of the wilderlands and the home of the Orcs of The Breaches would become overwhelmed with dark energy. It would corrupt an entire clan of Orcs, and the land itself would seem to be angry as sickly grey creatures and flora would infest it. The Orcs renamed the corrupted land Dullbreach, and a war was prompted to push back the dark energy. The War would be temporarily set aside during the Fourth Era but would restart at the end of the Thousand Year Midnight as the Orcs of Southbreach continue to fight it from spreading across the rest of Alm once more.
  • Y248-E3 - The Thousand-Year Midnight: Arguably the most peculiar event in all of the history of Alm, the Thousand-Year Midnight began at an otherwise normal time. A heavy frost drifted down from the mountains and was carried across the world by a torrent of arcane energy and quickly froze the oceans, rivers, flora, and a number of smaller fauna in solid sheets of ice. The days began to get much, much shorter as the nights grew longer. On the third day of this phenomenon, the star that Alm orbits, Solarum, ceased to exist and the world was plunged into darkness. All civilizations were forced underground or made to fend for themselves.
Fourth Era
  • Y???-E4 - The Thousand-Year Midnight: Named for the event that brought the end to the Third Era, the Thousand-Year Midnight was an event that actually occurred for an unknown amount of time. In Dwarven civilizations, they claim that the event lasted for well over a thousand years while some historians estimate up and towards the tens of thousands mark. However, the Ikyrians and the Humans remember it only as a few days of dark, bitter winter before they blinked and the sun emerged back over the horizon and thawed the world. The Fourth Era is considered to be an anomaly among history, because of differing historical accounts of events that can be neither confirmed or discredited. Humans that were alive during the Third Era were still alive during the end of the Fourth, but there were families of Dwarves that had gone through hundreds of new generations before the Fifth Era came. The Elves remember very little, except for the Luvahrin Elves that seem to be the only ones to have existed for an extended period of time above ground, unlike the Dwarves who retreated into the bowels of Hrothreg and relied on geothermal energy and underground farms to persist. Notably, the Luvahrins do recall a series of unusual celestial events, including a pair of star-like eyes gazing over them.
Fifth Era
  • Y489-E5 - Present Day: Only a few hundred years into the Fifth Era, there have been a number of global catastrophes that have caused people all over the world to exist in a state of restlessness. The Amyrians have unveiled a power that they had formerly kept to themselves and are in the process of waging war against the Dwarves and other Human Princedoms. The Orcs are finding themselves on the losing end of the War of the Breaches, the Ikyrians are facing a pestilence on their livestock and crops, and global society is facing economic struggles that have driven every living civilization into a deep financial depression as the result of global warfare.

Race Variants

Southbreach Orcs

Southbreach Orcs are the most populous of all the Orcish variants to make it onto the world stage, and the only currently playable type of Orc. All other variants either refuse to leave the Breachlands at this time or are caught fighting the ongoing war there.

Racial Abilities

[The Way the Wind Changes]
Southbreach Orcs have an innate connection to the world around them, which is the reason for their powerful navigational skills. Southbreach Orcs are able to focus on the location or direction they want to travel in and a pale, ghostly line will appear only to them that will lead them to that location. This function of the ability can be used once per day. However, if they cannot visualize this location or have never travelled there before, they can momentarily touch this line and attach it to themselves. They become blind for however long they use this ability, but will be able to 'see' the path to take visualized in their mind. This use is far more taxing on the Orc in question, and therefore only be used once per week.
[An Extension of Oneself]
Southbreach Orcs are and always will be natural explorers. They are taught in most normal forms of travel when they are young, but also have an innate ability to pilot travelling vehicles. Whether it be boats, horses, travelling carts or small wooden dinghies, Southbreach Orcs are always able to pilot these vehicles with ease, and suffer no penalties to checks made to use them.

Basic Information

  • Height: Roughly 5' to 7' tall.
  • Weight: Varies according to diet and activity, generally very muscular or heavyset.
  • Skin Color: Shades of green, brown, red.
  • Eye Color: Any color eyes with black sclera.
  • Hair Color: Brown, black, ginger, red.
  • Lifespan: Roughly 160-200 years.
  • Naming Customs: Orcs typically follow Maori naming customs.
  • Language: The Orcs speak a tongue known as Balgruk, which sounds like a very guttural version of the Maori language.

Racial Characteristics

  • Southbreach Orcs share a similar physiology to Humans but are significantly larger and more muscular, as well as bearing skin tones that range all the way from a coppery brown to grassy shades of green. All Orcs have tusks that sprout from their bottom jaw, though the size varies from Orc to Orc. They often decorate their tusks with piercings, silver or gold rings, intricate carvings, or other similar things. Orcs are also known for their tattoos and covering themselves with archaic or tribal symbols. They generally have black hair and can have both white or black sclera.
  • Southbreach Orcs wear clothing similar to Makamuran and Amyrian clothing styles, primarily because those two groups are the ones they interact with the most through their extensive shipping routes.
  • Orcs normally come from the Breachlands, specifically the ports of Southbreach. The villages can be named anything because of the Orcish affinity for stealing the names of villages after raiding them.

More Information

  • Orcish is the most intricate of any spoken and written language, with over six-thousand dialects and hundreds of ways to express different individual words.
  • Orcish history is widely contested and mostly passed on through oral tradition. The most famous of historical stories comes from the current leader of the Southbreach Orcs, Mother Grump.
  • Orcs have always felt a natural call from the elements, which made them adept at creating and developing Elemental Magic.


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