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“The color spanned from their chests, to their arms and wrists in wonderful, swirly designs. It was incredibly common, as I walked through the town and the silver patterns walked past me the same way. I must admit, I could not stop myself from staring at their beauty.”

- “My Travels Across Alm, Volume IV”, Synthia Alxes, Y340-E5


Dainty and reflective, the Ubuq Flower is a part of the rare beauty of the Bleakfjord, among the only kind of fauna that can survive in the harsh landscape due to its symbiotic relationship with the Taqiq Tree. Like the tree itself, it is able to function in the low light of the Bleakfjord and withstand the cold conditions, as well as attract creatures with its dark silver-grey petals to transfer its pollen and seeds from the Taqiq Tree. Due to its distinct and unique color, the Luvahrin are obsessed with it and have been using it to make their silvery tattoos since the earliest days of their civilization.


Only able to grow and flourish with the give and take relationship it holds with Taqiq Trees, The Ubuq Flower is small with a flowering out shape, but its most attractive features is the lovely silvery, reflective color upon its petals. In order to gain sustenance in the low light of the Bleakfjord, the Ubuq Flower feeds off the bark of the Taqiq Tree for its nutrition, as well as using its dark silvery-grey petals to synthesize the little light it receives efficiently. Due to its wonderful color, it creates interesting light shows when direct light shines upon it, which dually makes the trees it grows on to twist and turn, reflecting their petals. In the same way, its distinctive color is intentional to attract creatures to spread its pollen and seeds from the Taqiq Tree. The flower is small enough to hold in one hand, making it relatively easy to transport. Its petals fold over one another, and get bigger further away from the center, forming a shape similar to a Lotus flower. When touched, it can stain clothing or fingers with a dusty layer of its color. Much like the Taqiq Trees it grows on, Ubuq Flowers also move in their own way, but only when introduced to a sudden warmth, such as being cupped into someone's hand. When introduced to this heat, the flower will slowly open up and unfold its petals, creating a rather captivating sight.


The Ubuq Flower, much like the Taqiq Tree, holds great importance to Luvahrin culture for its unique silvery color. The color is so popular with the Luvahrim that they learned to harvest the flower petals to create a wonderful, reflective silver dye that is used to tattoo their bodies with small glyphs or inscriptions that have a special meaning to the Luvahrin in question. As such, it is very culturally important to solely the Luvahrin to only tattoo themselves with the dye from an Ubuq Flower, and any other race seen with it would be seen as a severe case of cultural appropriation from the perspective of a Luvahrin. On the flip side, Luvahrin are also culturally forbidden from tattooing themselves in any other type of dye, as it is often referred to as "soiling" their skin.


As the Ubuq Flower has only been recorded to grow on Taqiq Trees, they are distributed in the same manner. As Taqiq Trees are common, but require knowledge of the Bleakfjord to find, the same reasoning for its rarity holds true for the Ubuq Flower. However, in order to be distributed, while it does not require a purely cold environment like the Taqiq Tree, it can become very frail over a short amount of time and requires incredibly careful shipping. It is fully legal to own on Darroway, but is considered a very rare shipment as it only relatively holds importance to the Luvahrin. It is isolated to the Bleakfjord, and can only ever grow on Taqiq Tree bark.


  • Luvahrin tattoo artists are called Omaktummi in their tongue, and anyone can become one. They are easy to differentiate as they  have silver tattoos spanning over their entire bodies (far more than the average Luvahrin) and have tattoos of the plant itself detailed into their palms.
  • The flower itself is a common gift among Luvahrin that have been together for a long time, which is then typically used to get a shared tattoo to represent their deep connection.
  • The reason Luvahrin are so attracted to the color has been theorized to be association and affinity with the moon Luvyr

Location: Tundra, the Bleakfjord

Rarity: 8-10

Can It Be Grown On Darroway: No

Writer(s): Skullpanda90

Editor(s): Gochnipunchni