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Many evils plague the lands of Alm but none are so despicable or so elusive as the evil of Vampyrism. Vampyrism is a form of Undead that took root in mortals upon the Thousand Year Midnight at the dawn of the Fourth Era. Created by Hierothael in the image of his Ri’neferi, vampyrs have come to grow a faith based around their most desired traits of the Betrayer, founding the Cult of Hyroh. From ruling their Vampyric Courts within Vhyrania, to hiding among the populations throughout the world, vampyrs are a menace to natural existence with a debauched mockery of noble culture amongst themselves. They are considered the corrupted parallel to Therianthropy, which seek to bring Alm back to a natural state of the wild and to destroy civilization.


Traits and Abilities

Mechanical Rules:

  • Vampyrs can use magic.
  • Vampyrs lose their previous racials, which are replaced with Base Traits. Vampyr counts as your race while infected.
  • Vampyrs are a form of Deviancy. You may only have 1 Deviancy at a time.
  • Purchases traits must be stated on your Character Application and are locked once chosen. If cured, upon reinfection you will maintain the same purchased traits. You may change your purchased traits at any point in a vampyric ritual, which costs 100 Trade Gold in components to complete.
  • You may only be in one form at a time.

Vampyrs are unable to breed. A male vampyr is able to create offspring with either an Ikyrian, Ri’fari, or Human woman. In a consensual magical ritual, the woman is able to conceive their child, which shall be born an accursed existence known as a dhampyr. This ritual is considered disgraceful by typical vampyrs, who elect to create family units by gifting mortals with the blood kiss.

Dhampyrs are considered the same race as their mother and inherit her racial abilities, though the dhampyr will have much more pallid skin, larger upper canines (though not complete fangs), and golden irises.

When you have become, or are creating a Vampyr character, you may opt to optionally take Vampyrism as a primary or secondary skill that will increase the amount of points you have to spend. Points are spent towards Purchasable Traits.

Base Vampyr: 2 points to spend

Secondary Skill Vampyr: 3 points to spend (+1)

Primary Skill Vampyr: 5 points to spend (+3)

Vampyrs require a fatal amount of blood to operate at their full strength. Vampyrs will typically undergo multiple feedings across an assortment of people in order to combat this, or commonly drain individuals to death. If a vampyr routinely drinks less blood to prevent deaths or attempts to supplement themselves with animal blood (often as a result of trying to live among the living), they will deteriorate their physical capabilities as a result of starving themselves of the resource they need, and receive a -2 points deduction for their purchasable traits. The vampyr will always feel a light, but ever present migraine, and the urge to drain those around them shall never completely nor truly go away. The longer this urge is fought, the more it weighs upon one’s mind.

OOC Note: Vampyrism's power scale is primarily to empower antagonist and criminal roleplay. We do not wish to outright remove creative possibilities with characters however, so protagonist or "good" vampyrs are possible, though must suffer a -2 point deduction.

Base Traits

Name Type Description
The Gift Passive You no longer age, and you may reverse your physical age up to the peak physical age of your race. Your skin will become sickly pale, and your irises turn a deep crimson. You can see in mundane darkness. You have a vulnerability to silver, which burns you at the touch, and your skin shall burn in direct contact to sunlight. Your organs cease to operate and your heart no longer beats. As a result your body becomes cold to the touch. You cannot become ill via normal means. Despite this, you are still able to carry diseases and ailments as well as infect others with them.

Any spells or other abilities you are able to perform outside of vampyrism, you are able to corrupt their aesthetics with a vampyric, gothic, crimson, or otherwise dark motif.

Blood Hunger Passive You no longer require sustenance from food or drink. Instead, you must drink blood to survive. You may assume you are able to drink from 1 NPC per day to survive, but should strive to drink blood IC and RP it. You are able to drink animal blood, though it merely staves off the hunger temporarily, as drinking water on an empty stomach does. Vampyric blood does not sate your hunger. If held in confinement for several hours, you will begin to become feverish and delirious. These symptoms worsen, as your eyes begin to dull and your body withers. After a week, your mind will begin to recede and your thoughts will be completely filled with the urge to feed. After two weeks, you will have degenerated into a ghoul.
Enthrallment Ability You are able to enthrall a single individual if they are willing, unconscious, or bound. A visual indication of your enthrallment appears upon the thrall. This may be any visual indication of your choice upon them (such as a collar, crown of thorns, or branding) but it must be stated on your character application and be consistent.

You are able to speak commands as a bonus action to your thrall, who is compelled to comply. If they do not, they will begin to feel a burning sensation across their body and in their blood that amplifies with time, until they comply. They are only able to receive commands if they are able to hear you, though they will be urged to comply even outside of your presence until the task is completed.

You are able to transfer ownership of a thrall to another vampyr if they are able to.

Blood Kiss Ability As an action, you may attack with your vampyric fangs instead. You may choose to inflict the Blood Kiss upon your target if successful in breaking their flesh.

If they are resisting, there is a 50% chance of being blessed with the Blood Kiss.

If they are willing, they will be blessed with the Blood Kiss.

Any who receive the blessing will begin their transformation over a 3 day period. Upon the first day, they will begin to feel a slight fever, which increases in intensity upon the third day, where delirium sets in. By the end of the third day into the night, the Bloodkissed will receive an overpowering craving for blood. Once they have fed upon an individual, they shall become a complete Vampyr.

Purchasable Traits

Name Type Cost Description
Vampyr Lord Form 2 You may only choose this form if you have Vampyrism as your primary skill.

As an action, you may shift into a lordly vampyr which can be up to 6’6” tall, reminiscent of the Ri’neferi. The aesthetics of this form is dependent on the vampyr, though they always carry an aura of dread or despair, maintain their general shape of their unmistakable vampyric fangs, and glowing crimson irises.

As a bonus action, you may begin to float above the ground, up to three feet. While floating, you may move at sprinting speed, and traverse over water and other floor hazards. While floating, you are unable to be rooted in place from spells, or ground traps. You may harmlessly glide downward from heights as well.

As a bonus action, you may summon a throne that encompasses no larger space than a 2x2x2 block space from underneath you. This throne lasts until you step away from it, or you are rendered unconscious. The manifestation of the throne is typically gothic or skeletal in nature, though it is dependent on the vampyr. If placed within their domain, it may stay a static part of the environment, and be as large as a 5x5x5 block space.

Vampyr Lords can enthrall up to 10 individuals. If a thrall is unconscious or bound, as an action you may overpower their enthrallment if owned by a non-Vampyr Lord, and instead make them your thrall.

As a bonus action you are able to telepathically communicate with any number of thralls, regardless of their location. You are able to discern their physical status and emotional state.

Your blood is more pure than others. If any individual capable of receiving the Blood Kiss drinks 4oz of your blood, they shall receive the blessing.

If they are willing, as little as a drop of blood will suffice for them to receive the blessing. Additionally, their transformation shall be much faster. They undergo the same symptoms at an expedited rate, and upon gazing at the night sky, will undergo delirium and enter a crazed state to feed. If done during the night or under the night sky, the delirium state is nearly immediate. Upon feeding, they shall become a complete vampyr.

After channelling an action for four turns, upon your fifth you may bless the interior of any building or region under your direct ownership, referred to as your Domain.

As an action within your Domain, you may designate a coffin, case, or any similar receptacle which is used to bury the dead. When you perish, you may begin to reconstitute within the coffin. 2 OOC days after your death, you will be able to rise once more from this coffin. If you are slain with holy or blessed weapons, this is instead 7 OOC days.

When you die, you may choose to burst into bats, cause a physically harmless explosion of dark energies, or any other aesthetic equivalent.

Any vampyrs of your choice may also lay coffins within your domain. This resurrection effect only occurs for them if they are slain while in the domain however, and you will their resurrection.

Your domain is dominated by your influence. You may choose to have trees to wither, fogs to roll over the ground, ravens to amass, or any other aesthetic effects within the region of the building.

Vampyrs of your choosing (including yourself) are able to cast an extra time before spell fatigue sets in within the Domain. If they are not mages or do not have Sanguinomancy, the vampyr may instead choose to cast a single Sanguinomancy spell of their choice. This effect has a cooldown of 1 OOC day once used.

Gargoyle Form 2 As an action, you may shift into a bipedal vampyric statue creature, which can be up to 6’6” tall. The aesthetic of this form is dependent on the vampyr, though they all appear as though they are living humanoid statues, commonly seen of a gothic nature. Gargoyles have the strength comparable to an orc.

While in your gargoyle form, you are unable to cast spells.

While in this form, the gargoyle is covered in thick stone plates which protect them. They are resistant (though not invulnerable) to all forms of physical damage except from blunt weapons, or a pickaxe, receiving and feeling roughly half of the normal impact or pain. Their stone plating will shatter after three attacks from a blunt weapon or pickaxe. Their stone plating is unable to regenerate for at least an hour after the end of an encounter.

If you spend 2 turns completely still, or 1 minute outside of combat, you are able to assume a stasis-like state. While in this state, your exterior is impervious to all forms of damage, you do not age, and require no form of sustenance to sustain yourself. You are conscious within this state, though completely unable to move, and indistinguishable from a normal statue. At any point you may exit this state as a reaction.

As an action, you may bat your gargoyle wings (or grow them temporarily if they are not there with your aesthetic form) to send yourself flying straight up 7 blocks, before falling straight down again. This ability is used for scaling over walls, or flying onto low roofs, and is unable to damage anyone except yourself.

As an action, you may release a horrid cry within emote range that grabs the attention of up to 2 targets of your choice. The chosen targets are mentally compelled to attack you for up to 2 turns, or until you dispel the effect. This may only be done once per combat, or once every hour if outside of combat.

You may revert to your normal form as a bonus action. If you are knocked unconscious, you will slowly recede back into your normal form.

Batghuul Form 3 As an action, you may shift into a quadrupedal batlike beast, which can be up to 8 feet tall on all fours. The aesthetic of this form is dependent on the vampyr, though they all share a common thread of a uniquely bat-like appearance, though this can manifest in a number of ways.

While within Batghuul form, you are capable of scaling vertical surfaces, at half of your normal movement speed.

You are unable to cast spells while within this form, and no other vampyr traits are active while in this form aside from the base traits.

As a Batghuul, you have the physical strength of an ogre, allowing thin wooden walls and doors to be destroyed while iron doors and bars can be bent and forced open with some effort. You have the constitution and physical resistance similar to an orc.

You have an acute sense while in this form, allowing you to catch the scent of individuals and hunt them. If they were within an area in the past hour, you are able to track their scent in the general direction they have headed. If within a building or a confined space, you are able to sniff their scent to discern where within the building or area they are.

You may revert to your normal form as a bonus action. If you are knocked unconscious, you will slowly recede back into your normal form.

Darkflight Form 1 As an action, you can either turn into a humanoid-sized bat (with the same strength/properties of their past self), a swarm of bats, or grow a pair of bat wings on your back. They are able to fly at sprinting speed. Regardless of their form, they still may be attacked normally.

You may revert to your normal form as a bonus action. If you are knocked unconscious, you will slowly recede back into your normal form.

Lesser Sanguinomancy Spell 2 Choose 3 spells from Sanguinomancy. Does not stack with Greater Sanguinomancy.

You adhere to secondary skill mage spell fatigue for Sanguinomancy spells, which will also account for non-Sanguinomancy spells cast to determine your current fatigue.

Greater Sanguinomancy Spell 3 Choose 5 spells from Sanguinomancy. Does not stack with Lesser Sanguinomancy.

You adhere to primary mage spell fatigue for Sanguinomancy spells, which will also account for non-Sanguinomancy spells cast to determine your current fatigue.

If you are a primary mage, you instead gain 3 Sanguinomancy spells, and may rearrange your current spells and schools to include Sanguinomancy. You may remove schools or spells, but you are unable to add any spells or schools you did not originally have, unless they are the school of Sanguinomancy or Sanguinomancy spells. If you lose the Blood Kiss, your magic reverts.

When you progress as a mage, you should reflect a vampyr magic list when bloodkissed, and your normal list when you are not.

You are immune to Sanguinomancy cast by non-Vampyr Lords.

Vampyric Resistance Passive 1 You are immune to curses, and are no longer vulnerable to silver weaponry.

You are unable to have the Blood Kiss forcefully removed from you, and must be willing for any “curing” methods to be successful.

Daywalker Passive 2 You are unaffected by your vulnerability to natural sunlight. You still burn under magical sunlight however.
Vampyric Claws Passive 1 As a bonus action, you are able to retract or extend your nails into sharp claws. These claws can be extended to a maximum of 3 feet, and are as strong as iron. You are proficient with your claws, and have a +5 to any attacks with them, which does not stack with other proficiencies.

Vampyric Claws are capable of ripping through wooden fences and unenforced wooden doors with a single slash. With several, they are capable of slashing through enforced wooden doors, or iron bars.

You are unable to utilize your Vampyric Claws if your hands are bound.

True Sight Passive 1 You are capable of seeing through illusions, magical darkness, and are able to perceive invisibility.

You are capable of sensing warm blood through walls. You can see the circulatory systems and beating hearts of creatures, given that their blood is warm, through walls up to two meters thick. You are unable to sense creatures in this way within consecrated areas such as holy sites or churches.

Vampyric Regeneration Passive 1 By submerging yourself in a pool of blood for a period of time, you are able to regenerate lost body parts. As long as your head is not destroyed, you may regenerate yourself to completion. Cuts and lacerations heal in a matter of minutes, a limb takes a matter of hours, multiple limbs or your entire body will take days.

If you successfully bite someone in combat, you are able to drain their blood to heal you and mend any lacerations, cuts or stab wounds into your skin, and replenish any lost blood within your body. Drinking fresh blood outside of combat will heal you in a similar manner.

Familiar Passive 1 You receive a magical companion, bound to you by your will. This creature may either be a form of canine such as a hound or an avian, such as a large bat or a crow.

A canine choice may be no larger than a wolf, whilst an avian may be no larger than a bird of prey. The appearance of these magical creatures is dependent on the vampyr, though they all share a common theme of a dark, skeletal, or gothic appearance. The creature is able to wander far from you, though you cannot issue commands to it beyond emote distance.

As a bonus action, you may command it to attack a target with its claws, mouth or beak.

If the familiar is fighting within emote distance of its vampyr, a single attack will dispel it.

If the familiar is beyond emote distance of its master, it will maintain the same physical resistance of the animal it is mimicking.

If your familiar perishes, you are unable to recall it for a day.

Spiderclimb Passive 1 You are now able to traverse any solid surface, including walls and ceilings. You may choose to do so with all of your limbs, or simply walk normally, though you may only move at half of your normal speed while doing so.
Disguise Ability 1 As an action, you may magically alter your appearance with an illusion. This can be used to change your clothing, physique, visual biology, or features. You may alter your height within a foot of your true height, though you still take up the same space of your true appearance. This disguise lasts until any vampyr trait is used with the exception of Daywalker, or if you are affected by a vampyric vulnerability that you would normally be affected by, such as being pierced with silver or direct sunlight.

Additionally, you are able to manipulate your base appearance. You may alter your physique, and  add or remove aesthetic or non-functional limbs or body parts. These may be maintained indefinitely, however your irises must still remain a glowing shade of red or gold, and your vampyric fangs may only be enlarged, not hidden.

Vanish Ability 1 As a reaction, you may burst into a swarm of bats, vanish, dodge with superhuman speed, or any aesthetic manner of avoiding an attack and appear in any visible location within emote distance. This may only be done once per combat, or once every hour if outside of combat.This ability may be used even if not attacked, allowing for traversal over obstacles.
Echoscream Ability 1 As a bonus action, you may emit an ear piercing screech that affects any targets of your choice within emote distance. The targets will become disoriented, immediately disrupting their focus on tasks or channelled spells. Their following turn, they have a 50% chance of being unable to act or move. This may be done twice per combat, or once every thirty minutes if outside of combat.
Bloodlust Ability 1 As a bonus action, you may give in to your vampyric urges, and turn into a frenzied state.

While in this state, you gain superior strength and reflexes. You gain a +3 additional bonus to any rolls to attack or dodge. You are able to move twice as fast as normal (double your movement) and are incapable of feeling pain. Your body still takes damage as normal however, and you can be rendered unconscious in the same manner without any bonus to resistance or constitution.

You are unable to differentiate between friend and foe in this state, and you must attack the nearest possible target. If you are unable to attack anyone by the end of your turn, or have been knocked unconscious, Bloodlust ends.

Bloodlust may only be used once per day.


  • A scholar by the name of William J. Palidori is credited with the first indepth study of vampyrs, soon after their sudden appearance onto Alm during the Thousand Year Midnight.
  • Some vampyrs actively avoid feeding on Faefolke as they are viewed on the same level as Therianthropes.
  • Vhyrania is the seat of the Vampyric Court, a former human nation which was overran and completely subjugated during the Thousand Year Midnight. This is considered the seat of power for many vampyrs, though they see themselves fit to infiltrate and conquer all of Alm.